Luxury Builder Floors with Modern Amenities and Specification. All Builder Floor with Lift, covered car parking, servant room, Italian Marble, Wooden Flooring, Branded fi Modular Kitchen and wardrobes in each rooms. Luxurious and High-end interior Design. Societies like DLF, Sushant lok, Greenwood city, South city 1-2, Malibu, Mayfield, Emerald hills, Ensencia, versalia, Vipul world Ardee city, Suncity and All HUDA Sectors.


Apartments are the most commonly occupied living spaces, especially in metropolitan cities. But what is the meaning of apartment? The term can be generically applied to any residential unit that is located inside a building. Thus a building can be anything from a house, townhouse, a large residential building and even high rises known as condominiums. 
 In real estate, A lot or plot is tract or parcel of land owned or meant to be owned by some owner(s). A plot is essentially considered a parcel of real property or immovable property. In Indian families a real estate investment starts from a piece of land that is plot.
A farmhouse is a kind of residential residence located in an agricultural environment. A farmhouse is an excellent real estate investment with a high potential for appreciation. Additionally, since land is a valuable asset, the owner has the option of selling a portion of the property if liquidity is required. Further, such assets enable owners to manage their investments and sell them when they can earn a higher rate of return. Apart from this, farmhouses in northern India are not just used as second homes; some owners are also renting them out for commercial reasons such as weddings, corporate gatherings, etc.